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What is the Defense Dance?

The Defense Dance is a specially developed self-defense choreography that makes a statement against sexual violence. Published as a dance challenge on TikTok, it reaches and raises awareness among the most important target group: young girls.

Remember: The Defense Dance is designed to motivate and inspire you. Be self- confident and self-determined! Get the support you need. You are strong!

A fight should always be avoided if possible and in case of emergency: Call for help.

In our tutorial we teach you the Defense Dance step by step. Watch it now!

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Are you dancing with us? Upload the video of your defense dance on TikTok and discover even more with #DefenseDance

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The Background

Every 3 minutes, a woman is affected by sexual violence. And the number of girls who are sexually harassed at a young age is rising. It's difficult to stand up against it. And even more difficult to make such an important problem heard.

Reason enough for the Women's Foundation filia to take action and launch the Defense Dance.

The Defense Dance is more than just a statement. It also serves as a motivator for young girls and women to deal with the issue of sexualized violence in a self-confident and self-determined manner.

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The Crew

With powerful support from one of Germany's most popular rap duos Bounty & Cocoa, the experienced martial artist Mule Marei Eckhoff and the professional dancer Safija Qadery, the Women's Foundation filia developed the first self-defense choreography for TikTok - which makes a statement against sexual violence: the Defense Dance.

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The Women's Foundation filia supports projects by and for women and girls that aim to bring about structural change. filia's motto is "change, not charity". That's why filia primarily supports programs and initiatives that work for freedom from violence and promote empowerment. So that women and girls can take their lives into their own hands with self- confidence, courage and responsibility.